Monday, September 3, 2007

Food I've had

Food here is very tasty. I enjoy the food for breakfast. Let me tell you about breakfast. Some people enjoy eating leftover dinner for breakfast. Do you? I myself personally think it's weird. For breakfast I often have muesli with milk. Let me explain muesli if you've never had it. it is sooo good.
One of my favorite dinner foods is Russian ravioli called "vareniki." Filled with potato and the slightest taste of mushoom, it's really, really, really good. For dessert we have my favorite "blini," a very thin pancake that you might call a crepe. They are filled with Russian jelly "varenya" - which is also very tasty. You take them from the store frozen and bake them. Believe me, you'll want fifths by the time you've had seconds. "Tvorog" is what I like too. This is like cottage cheese; in fact it's very similar to cottage cheese; only it's a little drier and it can come in different flavors. It's sweet and sour, and the lumps in it are not as big. I myself find myself to like it.

Cous cous is rare here. Last time I had it was at a furniture store, and it was very good. You must be wondering, "why don't they have cous cous there? Russia is very close to India." I don't know why, though, either. Or are you wondering about how one can eat at a furniture store? IKEA is the name of the furniture store. They also have a cafe there where you can eat if you are there for a long day of shopping. Two of the last three times we were there we ate.