Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No kidding, the hospital!

In order to get a new visa, we had to get certain exams done, which included going to the hospital. These came in two trips. I went with Mom and Dad on the first Friday where they had to get their testing done at one hospital and so I could get one of mine done. 

The next Tuesday the kids' turn came. We went to a children's hospital that was in the heart of the city. Going up to it you see fancy little buildings with classical Russian designs on the windows and roofs. The place had a lot of character, but was dirty. Our nanny, Tanya, went with us to be an extra set of hands. The hospital was actually almost falling apart. If you looked up in to the different rooms, you would see paint peeling off, just ready to drop on your head. Everything had to be hand-written. Nothing was done on computer. When we went back on Friday to check our TB tests, the checking was only 15 minutes. We had to wait three hours afterwards just to get the documents that said we didn't have TB.