Monday, October 5, 2009

Private school

Recently I have been going to school four days a week. All summer we had been talking about me going to the boys' Russian school for the last few weeks before furlough. Even though I get teased often there, I have learned more than I myself can comprehend.

One thing I get teased for is the fact that I have to go to grammar and reading in the 2nd and 3rd grade. But for most of the time I am in the 5th grade. (note: Russian schools start 1st grade at 7 y.o., so while I am in 5th grade here, I would be in 6th grade in the states.) I used to get teased for my coat. I've learned to be more tolerant of the teasing through these situations. 

I've learned more words and to read a little better. I've learned a lot about Russian mindset, for example, if a teacher is absent and the kids skip that class, they will call the teacher and ask for homework. The teacher can give them the homework, but they might not at all understand it because the teacher wasn't there to teach the lesson.

Every day a different kid in each class is "dezhurny" (daily helper  [compare de jour - Lyle]). She or he will wipe up the blackboard after each lesson, mop the floors at the end of the day, wipe the tables after meals, and take out the trash. I've gotten to be dezhurny two times. 

School can be lots of fun, just so long as I am not late for the morning bell. No outside time for breaks when I am late. I hate that cause I get couped up inside. 

This week the cold has been going around, and our teacher has been gone. Lots of kids in other classes are also missing. On Friday it was only me and two boys in our class, which wasn't very fun being the only girl. It was really lonely.After school all the grades take a walk together -  a time where I can be with other kids who don't tease me. I like hanging out with 2 girls in the 3rd grade and 2 from the 6th grade. We play games together. For example, one person closes her eyes and she has to guess where she is when the others lead her somewhere and stop.