Monday, August 30, 2010

CRM World Conference

As all of you guys probably know, my family is a part of a organization called CRM. The organization is divided in to several groups all around the world. (Almost) every year the groups meet separately and every 4 years the whole organization meets together. This summer the whole organization got together in Malaysia - Langkawi.

Our flight arrangements to Langkawi were terrible, and the layovers
were simply nightmares. It was a relief when we finally arr
ived in Langkawi, but sadly we weren't able to get to our room immediately, because the previous guests had not left yet. We had been on the road at that point for 44 hours, and that was only the last of several disappointments along the way. While waiting for our room to open up, we swam in the pool, which felt very good, seeing that it was very hot and we had not been able to
wash the whole trip.

We were there a few days early to relax, but when the conference started, we had lots of fun. The children's program workers were really great and because of that encounters with God were not rare at all. Aside from being next to a beach, swimming in a pool every day and seeing friends every day, the best part about it was what we were learning. The children's program group taught us how to pray intensely, and during those times several of us saw things (like landscapes or colors), and once we told what we had seen, one of us usually would be able to tell what it meant.
I appreciated it because I hadn't been able to have as much intense praying before, and it was nice because there were other kids there, and so I wasn't alone in praying. I sometimes feel lonely at home when I pray, and that really helped me. I know how to pray more intensely now, and I didn't use to receive colors and pictures like I can now, and feel I have a stronger relationship with God. I feel that Langkawi really changed me, and even though I'll be 15 at the next world conference, I can't wait.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Even though this is a little late, I got baptized in July - on July 4th at a lake with a big sign that said "No Swimming! " ( : It was near a metro stop that was not from our own metro stop. The pastor of our church had a group of 7, including me, meet at the metro, and together we walked to the lake. Because it was Sunday, many people were there just sunbathing, so we were not entirely alone. I was last of the seven of us and was nervous about the whole thing for no real reason. I think it was really cool that I was baptized on July 4th, on an American holiday in Russia. It was a religious experience, but on a day Russia knows nothing about. So I did it in Russia, where I had become a Christian.

It had been a rough day for me about two years ago when I was 9. Dad came in a talked with me.I told him that i wanted to accept Jesus. After that I had to get baptized so when our church said there would be a baptism I singed up.  I'll remember that forever.