Monday, May 5, 2008

Dumb Ways Russia Works

OK. Silly title, but it's really true (like this crosswalk). Everywhere, it's dumb. Let's get to it. The other day at the train station, my mom was trying to go through a turnstile with her ticket. It's possible to go through with someone else, which she was trying to do with Simon. But before she could even get her ticket in the slot, a lady on the other side, who was not even a worker, said, "don't go through over there; come down over here." Mom looked right at her and said, "Why?" The lady just looked at her and didn't answer. Mom repeated, "Is this not right?" The lady didn't answer again. But in the end, Mom did have to go "here."

Another time at the train station, the lines were enormously long, and we were waiting to buy tickets. Just then a lady called out, "come over to these machines where you can buy your own tickets." We headed over there. There were already some people there, but they were not having much luck. Their money was not fitting into the slots. If it did, it would come back out. They would flip it over, stick it back in. No. It wouldn't work. So finally, we just gave up. It was time for our train to leave, and we had to just take the subway. Dumb ways of Russia.