Friday, February 24, 2012

My mood in moving

We just moved. When I first heard about it, I wasn't too happy about it. Because I had not seen the house before we moved, and because I had spent the beginning of my adolescent years in the old apartment (4 1/2 years) I wasn't sure I'd ever find a place to rival the old one. This despite the fact that the old place looked terrible. I learned Russian in that apartment. I went from 8 to 13 in that apartment. I learned how to take care of myself there. I got to where I could go around the city by myself whileliving there. I had many things happen to me in that apartment. I became a Christian in that apartment and was baptized while living there. My bedroom there had tons of flowers on the wallpaper, and I hated it. But it was the only home I have good memory of. I miss my view out the window, because I could see everybody go by on the sidewalk.

I was scared before we moved to the new place. I was afraid my room color would be ugly and that I would never feel at home. Once I saw the place, I was more excited, because it's really nice here.
What excited me the most was having a huge room all to myself. And now the place is getting to feel like home, event though I miss my old apartment.

Life here is more luxurious, bigger space, and lots more people around. But even though there are more people, we don't notice them and so it doesn't bother us like it did in the old place.
Back then it was really frustrating having people always underfoot, and I had to always tiptoe around them, and it was always very awkward.
The downside is I don't know anybody around here, but that will change. The good side is that I still can tutor my little neighbor, since we did not move far away. I just have to leave much earlier.


Colleen Coombs said...

So happy to hear that you are adjusting to your new home. God has amazing plans for all of you in this new place.

Lydia said...

Thanks! He sure does, ministry is great right now :)

William Supon said...

You will treasure these memories. Any place which has contained so many experiences will always be treasured in your Memory Palace!