Sunday, February 6, 2011

My schedule for the week

This is my schedule for the week:

Monday: At a killing 7:00 in the morning I wake up/am awakened and stumble out to the breakfast table. After breakfast I go/am sent to do chores (make my bed, brush teeth, and tidy my room.) Mom, Kerith, Simon, and I gather in the living room for devotions. Simon goes to piano, and K and I study Greek and Latin. The day continues with rotations like this, and after lunch the boys and I go outside for half an hour. Once we come in, we continue school until late afternoon. At 5:00 I tutor a four-year-old boy named Andrusha until 6:00. After dinner we do homework.

Tuesday: Again I drag myself out of bed and eat breakfast as my brothers run out the door to school. Note: I DO have bed-head so maybe that is why the boys are running out the door faster than necessary. After breakfast I do my chores and join mom on her couch for devotions. At 10:00 she teaches her online class, and I work until 11:30 when mom finishes with her class. I have a break till lunch. I continue school until 4:00, and then I have a on-line class-- science (no I'm not the teacher). The runs until 5:30 when our family has dinner. Then homework.

Wednesday: The very same as Tuesday, but at 4:00 I have English online.

Thursday: I go to Russian school with the boys and do school work from there. Around 3:30 I come home and go straight to tutoring Andrusha.

Friday: The same a Monday, but at the end of the day we clean up for Saturday and have piano lessons. Sometimes I go to youth group, which missionary kids attend.


(This is to emphasize the nothing I do on Saturday.)

Sunday. We go to church in the evening or have home church. Other than that, I might do homework or something else.

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