Friday, April 1, 2011

Yuri's return

Many of you may have noticed that in the last "Prayers and Praises" of my dad's, he put a note that we had lost contact with Yuri. Well, we had lost contact with him from about the end of October, and in February we miraculously received word.

In order to understand how this all happened we need to go back to the school I'm attending. Because almost all the kids there have the Russian version of Facebook, I wanted Russian Facebook (Vkontake). When I singed in, I had the idea that we could find Yuri through Vkontake. My first try failed. Nothing seemed to work. However on our second try a miracle happened. When I open the window to Vkontake it opens to this groups page and from there I work my way to my page. This time, however, When I opened the window and saw some group's page, I saw to my absolute shock "Members," and there it showed three members, and among them I saw "Voronin Yuri." Me and dad clicked on him and sure enough it was HIM! Immediately I sent a friend request. The next day I saw to my utter joy that he had added me. Thank you God!! I dashed off a message to him telling him that we loved him no matter what he did and that he was always welcome in our family. To please come on Thursday as normal and if not call.

Next day he writes back saying he will call. Then a few days later he calls in the middle of a Skype with our grandparents in Georgia as we are talking to them about that we had "found" him. Dad's phone being right next to the computer, I pick it up and see "Yuri" on it. I scream and jump up and run to dad, yelling that Yuri was calling! (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for letting me act like a crazy person as that happed.) Well he came on Thursday and has been coming ever since. Thank you God!! His now sitting in the other room talking with dad as I write. Thank you God for that!!

Please pray that he will stay with us.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia, I am rejoicing with you and your family at Yuri's return! How awesome the way God had him call right as you were telling your Grandma and Grandpa he had been found! I'll be praying he continues to stay close to your family. What a blessing you all are! How fun to hear there is a Russian facebook! (it seems all of the young people of the world are on facebook, doesn't it? ) Blessings to you and your family, Sue Butler (we had your mom and dad stay here before you all left for Russia :)

Lydia said...

Thank you Mrs. Butler!