Friday, June 17, 2011


A few Saturdays ago, our dvor (courtyard) had a big get-together for cleaning up. At 11:00 everybody gathered outside and started picking up trash and rocks. The kids were equipped with gloves and rakes and were sent to clean up around the buildings. Gradually, more and more of the residents came outside and started clearing away brush. This went on for about an hour and a half. Then they started grilling meat. While the kids ran around and played, the adults sat and talked. Once the children were served, out came the beer, and Daddy took a few sips, and I helped him. The sense of togetherness which we rarely have broke the ice between our family and the dvor. Everybody started accepting us.

The men proceeded start a game of throwing sticks, a game no one really understood, a game where they all had to throw stick and achieve a goal which no one really knew. The kids set up a cheering booth in used tires, each cheering for his own dad. With seven screaming children, including me, you can imagine the uproar. Daddy's blog about all this is here.

After that, all the grown-ups proceeded back to the table to drink more, and the kids went off to do whatever they pleased. There was absolutely no supervision for the kids - not an unnatural thing. What was awful was the fact that the kids were exposed to the grown-ups getting drunk right in front of them. They learn it's OK to drink. God showed us how much were there was needed, that drinking is not necessary, that children don't have to be like their parents.

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